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Mobile Work Bench; 72"W x 30"D x 34 7/8"H, Stainless Steel Top, Leg Extension/Caster Adapter, 4" Casters, Adjustable Footrest, RU-WSW6035:

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Mobile Work Bench - 72"W x 30"D x 34 7/8" - Stainless Steel Top - Leg Extension/Caster Adapter - 4" Casters - Adjustable Footrest - RU-WSW6035

Whether you need a basic workbench or something more specialized, this is your one stop shop for all your workbench needs. The mobile work bench is 1 3/4" thick 12 gauge stainless steel. The workbench surface has excellent corrosion and chemical resistance. The bench has two open legs that will support 30"-36"D Tops. The work bench is equipped with leg extensions/caster adapters to fit your needs. The casters come in two styles. One pair are swivel with brakes, the other pair are rigid casters. The footrest is adjustable and attaches to the leg crossbars or the cabinet sides to strengthen the structure.  

•  Width: (inches) 72
•  Depth: (inches) 30
•  Height: (inches) 34 7/8
•  Top Type: Stainless Steel
•  Material: Painted steel
•  Leg Extensions/Caster Adaptors (3" Height Adjustment)
•  Construction: Unassembled
•  Product Line: Work Center

  Top thickness : 1 3/4" (included in the height).
  Wide variety of accessories provide flexibility for custom layouts.

•  Top for industrial, maintenance, repair or assembly applications.
•  Thickness: 1 3/4" 12 gauge steel
•  Includes two steel crossbars for attached legs
•  Can be reinforced or soundproofed with a WS75 wood filler
•  Excellent Corrosion and Chemical Resistance
•  Includes three 2" x 4" wood crossbars for attaching cabinets and other accessories
•  Can be in prolonged contact with substance

•  Open Leg (27"D x 28"H)
•  For 30"D and 36"D Tops
•  WS21 extensions can be added if required
•  "Inverted hat" shaped top part provides excellent rigidity
•  Can be closed with a WS62 side panel
•  Power strip can be implemented if required

•  Compatible with open legs only
•  Sold in pairs
•  Leg Extensions/Caster Adaptors (3" Height Adjustment)
•  Casters can be installed on the 3"H or 6"H models

•  Adjustable width, adjusted by sliding the middle part in or out
•  Required for all mobile workstations
•  Attaches to the leg crossbars or the cabinet side t strengthen the structure 

•  Sold in pairs
•  (2) Swivel with total-lock brake
•  (2) Rigid
•  Dark gray, non-marking polyurethane tread
•  Zinc Coated
•  Superior industrial quality
•  Load capacity 420 lb.

Product Code: RU-WSW6035  Mobile Work Bench, 72"W x 30"D x 34 7/8"H, Stainless Steel Top, Leg Extensions/Caster Adapters, 4" Casters, Adjustable Footrest, Shipping weight: 170 lbs

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