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Liquid Dispensing Guns; ½” FNPT Inlet Thread, Polyurethane Hose, Standard Flow, Ethylene Propylene O-Ring, TA-DG-606-EP

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Liquid Dispensing Gun Assembly - ½” FNPT Inlet Thread - Ethylene Propylene O-Ring - Polyurethane Hose - Source - Interconnect Fittings - Rear Trigger - TA-DG-606-EP

Dispense gun assembly includes a TA-DG-508-EP gun, a TA-C6-PU hose, TA-J68 source and interconnect fittings. Liquid dispensing guns are designed with the spring isolated from the media, making them the best choice for dispensing solvents. The long nozzle on the dispensing gun allows for it to be inserted into a container, minimizing splashing. There is an Ethylene Propylene (EP) o-ring for use with solvents. This gun comes standard with a rear trigger. Maximum operating pressure is 75 PSI, media temperature range is 40°F - 130°F.

Recirculating DI spray guns all have molded PTFE bodies with PVDF pistons. These DI Spray guns are designed so that there is very little dead space for bacteria to grow. DI water is able to circulate up to the sealing seat through out the entire gun and piston. From the sealing seat on, bacteria build up is kept to a minimum by using a 1/16" thick spray nozzle. 

•  TA-DG-508-EP Gun
•  TA-C6-PU Hose
•  TA-J68 Source and Interconnect Fittings

•  Female Pipe Thread
•  Isolated Spring
•  Long Nozzle
•  Ethylene Propylene O-Ring
•  Rear Trigger
•  75 PSI
•  Temperature Range is 40°F - 130°F

•  Viton O-Ring (VT) for use with most acids
•  Kalrez O-Ring (KA) for use with highly aggressive fluids
•  Front Trigger (FT)

Product Code: TA-DG-606-EP   Liquid Dispensing Gun Assembly, ½”″ FNPT Inlet Thread, Ethylene Propylene O-Ring, Hose, Source, Interconnect Fittings, Rear Trigger.

To order liquid dispensing guns online, click above, call customer service at (303) 752-0076, or email

Shipping Instructions: Liquid dispensing guns can ship via UPS or FedEx. The order ships collect or prepay and add to the invoice. If shipping collect, add your freight account number in the "Comments Box" when checking out. Customer is responsible for the freight charge. 

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