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Cleanroom Wipes; USP 797 Complaint Wipe, Polyester/Cellulose, Non-Sterile, 9" x 9" VA-VEL13-9x9-NS-HC-3024

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Cleanroom Wipes - USP 797 Compliant Wipe - Polyester/Cellulose - Non Sterile - 9" x 9"

WipeDown HC is a superior dry cleaning wipe used for surface cleanups, IPS wipe downs, cleaning and decontaminating of primary engineering control equipment, stainless steel surfaces, Lexan polycarbonate, glass and any other critical surface requiring to be cleaned.

•  Poly Cellulose blend dry wipe that incorporates Class 100 cleanliness
•  Low particulates and non-shedding features
•  9" x 9" size
•  Sterile and Non-Sterile Version available
•  Sterile version is terminally sterilized
•  Each order is delivered with the lot specific Certificate of Irradiation and Certificate of Sterility (current USP compendium)
•  55% polyester and 45% cellulose spun laced blend that is especially clean and absorbent
•  Particulate, residues and foreign matter are effectively entrapped in the engineered design of the material
•  Construction and pattern has been developed to ensure the greatest product integrity and cleaning performance
•  Non-shedding edges are heat sealed

The Veltek WipeDown HC clean room wipes are extremely low in particulate shedding and soluble extractables.  Each pack is inspected and sealed in ultra clean packaged within class 100 conditions. 

VA-VEL13-9x9-S-3013  Veltek WipeDown HC Dry Wipe, Poly/Cellulose, Sterile, Healthcare Wipe, 20 Wipes/Pack - 20 Packs/Case

VA-VEL12-9x9-NS-HC-3024 - WipeDown HC Dry Wipe, Poly/Cellulose, Non-Sterile, 300 wipes/pack-5 packs/case

For more options, visit our main Veltek Cleanroom Wipes section.

To order the cleanroom wipes, click above, call customer service at (303)752-0076, or email

Shipping Instructions: The cleanroom wipes ship via UPS or FedEx. The order ships collect or prepay and add to the invoice. If shipping collect, add your freight account number in the “Comments Box” when checking out. Customer is responsible for the freight charge. 

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