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Kappler Zytron 300 Jackets; Zipper Front, Elastic Wrists, Heat Sealed/Taped Seams, 6/Case, KA-Z3H670

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Chemical Jackets - Kappler Zytron 300 - Broader Holdout - Zipper Front - Elastic Wrists - Heat Sealed Taped Seams -  KA-Z3H670

Kappler Zytron 300 is ideal for demanding hazardous applications where there is potential for chemical splash, even in significant exposure scenarios. Increased physical strength and even broader chemical holdout take the protection level of this fabric up a serious notch. With an extensive chemicals-tested list, Kappler Z300 has a wide range of garment types and styles including NFPA certified styles.

•  Ideal for demanding applications with potential for chemical splash
•  Increased physical strength and broad chemical holdout take the protection level up a serious notch
•  Available in seven NFPA certified styles
•  Excellent for petrochemical operations including chemical handling and maintenance work - a favorite for military operations
•  A real workhorse of the Zytron family, available in a wide range of garment types and styles
•  Rear entry style shown provides protection in front-splash scenarios
•  Attached gloves are available on any heat sealed/taped seam garment
•  Attached sock booties with splash guards are standard

Typical Applications: hazmat response, military operations, law enforcement drug response, chemical handling, petrochemical handling and maintenance

Technical Data for Zytron 300
Chemical                           Zytron 300
Acetone                                  >480
Acetonitrile                               87
Carbon Disulfide                    >480
Dichloromethane                     70
Diethylamine                         >480
Dimethylformamide              >480
Ethyl Acetate                          >480
n-Hexane                                >480
Methyl Alcohol                          55
Nitrobenzene                         >480
Sodium Hydroxide                 >480
Sulfuric Acid                          >480
Tetrachloroethylene              >480
Tetrahyddrofuran                  >480
Toluene                                 >480

Ammonia Gas                          39
1,3 Butadiene                        >480
Chlorine Gas                         >480
Ethylene Oxide Gas                 81
Hydrogen Chloride Gas        >480
Methyl Chloride Gas             >480

Kappler Zytron 300 Jacket Product Codes and Sizes
KA-Z3H670-XS               Extra Small
KA-Z3H670-SM/MD    Small/Medium
KA-Z3H670-LG/XL          Large/XL
KA-Z3H670-2X/3X             2X/3X
KA-Z3H670-4X                        4X 

Product Code: KA-Z3H670 - Kappler Zytron 300 Chemical Jackets, Zipper Front, Elastic Wrists, Double Storm Flaps with Velcro, Heat Sealed/Taped Seams, Tan, 6/Case

For more options, visit our main Chemical Suits section.

To order the Kappler chemical jackets, click tab above, call customer service at (303)752-0076, or email

Shipping Instructions: The Kappler chemical jackets can ship via UPS or FedEx. The order ships collect or prepay and add to the invoice. If shipping collect, add your freight account number in the “Comments Box” when checking out. Customer is responsible for the freight charge. 

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