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Go Green! Peel Up Sticky Mats vs. Washable Sticky Mats

Go Green! Peel Up Sticky Mats vs. Washable Sticky Mats

Feb 3rd 2016

Check out our huge selection of mats for cleanrooms, labs, and manufacturing facilities!

Washable sticky mats and peel up sticky mats have many styles and sizes. The type of mat you use in your cleanroom will depend on the type of environment. The purpose is going to be to remove particulate matter from shoes, casters, and cart wheels before entering your controlled environment.

Frequency of mat layer removal depends on: Cleanliness of the area, number of people passing over the mat, size of the mat, and the quantity of mats in the cleanroom.
Frames are not needed for sticky mats but they are available. The frames also make it easier to remove the last layer of the mat without leaving adhesive residue on the floor of the cleanroom.

Different ways to place the frame: laying it on the floor, permanently logging it to the floor, or held in place by a non-skid base of double-faced tape.
These mats are designed for removing finest foot borne and wheel borne contaminations. The washable sticky mat would be most beneficial in an ESD environment; there is no static damage risk because there are no layers to pull off which avoids static build up.

Cleaning your washable mat: mop the top of the mat, dirt from the mat is released in to the water, squeegee water off the mat, and when the mat has finished drying it will be rejuvenated.
The mats are resistant to most chemicals except potent chemicals such as acid. The benefit of being resistant to most chemicals is for the maintenance of the mat. We recommend using a high quality detergent designed for the mat. With proper maintenance the mat will 100% regenerate and should last 2-4 years depending on level of traffic over the mat.

It is recommended you should do a minimum of three steps in order to get full effectiveness. Following this the mats will remove 98%-100% of contaminants so you should keep sticky mats in areas to remove particulate and keep it from getting into sterile environments. There is no effect on the mat from gamma or x-rays and out gassing is negligible.

Go green with the reusable and washable mats. Peel up sticky mats can be changed as often as every couple hours during a shift. This puts the polyethylene mats into the landfills and takes long periods of time to biodegrade. When using a reusable mat the water and chemicals used are biodegradable and lasting 2-4 years. This keeps the environment cleaner just by adding a small amount of time into your cleaning routine. This helps to meet corporate sustainability goals.

Places to keep sticky mats: inside and/or outside cleanroom areas, in air showers, gowning rooms, entry ways, and hall ways.

When it comes to our planet we only have one, let’s go green!

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