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Clean Room Pass Through

Jul 26th 2013

Western States Sales Introduces Over 30 Styles of Cleanroom Pass Thru’s Manufactured by Clean Air Products

Western States Sales, a distributor of cleanroom equipment and supplies introduces 30 styles of cleanroom pass thru’s. The Pass Thru is designed specifically for transferring of parts and equipment in and out of a cleanroom. This in turn reduces the need for people to enter the cleanroom and reduces the contamination. The pass through chambers are used in less critical controlled environment areas to the most stringent cleanrooms.

A standard single door pass through is available in polypropylene or stainless steel.
The stainless steel pass thru is constructed using welded, extremely strong and easily cleaned. The complete unit is metal with the exception of the safety glass viewing window. A mechanical interlock prevents both doors from being opened at the same time which keeps the cleanroom from loosing any pressure. The polypropylene pass thru is ideal where corrosion is a concern. The standard pass thru is a wall mount.

Clean Air Products has designs and builds the cleanroom pass through to meet customer specific requirements. Styles include:

Floor Mount – Cart Pass Through
HEPA Filtered
UV Light
Double Door
3 Corner Door
90 Degree Door
Bio Design
Lead Lined
Gas Purged Desiccator
Pneumatic Vertical Sliding Doors
Electronic Solenoid Interlock
Horizontal Sliding Doors
Fire Rated
Side by Side
Teflon Coated
Stacked Units
Multiple Chambers
Integrated Sloped Top

Specific care is required when designing a cleanroom to choose the pass through which will meet the requirements. It is essential for the transfer of parts whether by hand or with a cart to eliminate the contamination entering the cleanroom.

About Cleanroom World:

Cleanroom World is a cleanroom specialist in Centennial Colorado