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Air Ionizer; Compact Bi-Polar, Simco-Ion, fusION Compact Ionizer, SM-4010577

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Air Ionizer - Compact Bi-Polar - Simco-Ion fusION - Compact Ionizer - SM-4010577

The fusION delivers powerful electrostatic charge control capability by incorporating miniature power and control circuitry into a compact package. It can be installed in places where typical ionizer designs do not fit.

Simple to install, operate and maintain, mount the fusion in a convenient location adjacent to the static problem, connect the power supply and it begins to eliminate static charge. No adjustments or calibration are necessary with Simco's patented auto balancing (DOCC) technology. This incredibly compact unit has tungsten or patented Class 1 cleanroom grade SiC emitters and is ideal for system integration with the capability to remotely monitor.

•  Compact Design
•  Auto Balancing (DOCC) Technology (patented)
•  Easy to Install & Operate
•  System Integration with Capability to Remotely Monitor
•  Class 1 Cleanroom Grade SiC Emitters (Patented)
•  Optional Fan

Controlled airflow can improve performance of any ionizer. In applications that may benefit from improved airflow, an optional fan assembly is simply clipped to the fusION housing and power to the fan is supplied through a built in connection.

Everything required to operate the unit is included. Multiple units can be linked together from one 24V DC power source allowing 5 units to be daisy- chained. A 24VDC power supply is provided

      Discharge Time:                     ±1000 - ±100V       Dimensions:                            1.3"H x 2.0"W x 3.5"L (3.3 x 5.1 x 8.9 cm)
      Weight:                                   11 oz (318 gms)

Product Code: SM-4010577   Air Ionizer, Compact Bi-Polar,  Simco-Ion fusION, Compact Ionizer (Requires power supply sold separately) 

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