Vibration Isolation Platforms, Cleanroom, Bench Top, Self-Leveling, 24"W x 30"L, NW-BTC-2430

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Vibration Isolation Platform - Cleanroom - BenchTop - Self Leveling

The BenchTop™ Compact Vibration Isolation Platforms provide the rock solid performance and ultra small packaging that is so critical to todays life science and disk drive applications.

Exclusive Stabilizer™ vibration isolation technology is at the heart of the system.  This technology is compact in size, faster settling times, high-center-of-mass stability, lower natural frequency, and a self centering piston mechanism.

Four isolator modules recessed into the bottom of the platform achieve table top vibration isolation.  Each contains a pneumatic flexible rolling diaphragm that supports the load, thereby decoupling vibrations from the isolated platform.  If the platform is disturbed, the modules automatically relevel the platform using compressed air.

All vibration modules are completely hidden within the platform.

The BenchTop™ low profile design adds only two inches of height to the support surface.  Add optional padded armrests extra ease.

Available in 5 Sizes:  16" x 20"
                              20" x 24"
                              24" x 24"
                              24" x 30"
                              24" x 36"
Platform Thickness:  Standard Laminate  2.0"
                              Optoins: Stainless Steel Top   2.2"
                                           Stainless w/holes  3.0"
Mounting Holes: ¼-20 on 1" centers
Maximum Load Range:  175 lbs

BenchTop Isolation Performance
Vertical Isolation - 3.2 Res (Hz)
                           90  10Hz (%)
Horizontal Isolation - 3.6 Res (Hz)
                               96  10Hz (%)
Amplification at Resonance - Vert (dB)  12
                                         Horz (dB)  10
Maximum Load Per Isolator - 60 Lbs (27 kg)
Re-Leveling Accuracy - 0.025 in (0.6 mm)
Self Centering - Yes

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