Stainless Steel Wall Cabinets, 2 Adjustable Shelves, 35"W x 13"D x 36"H, CRW-B35MS

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Stainless Steel Wall Cabinet - 2 Adjustable Shelves - Solid Hinged Doors - 35"W x 13"Dx 36"H - CRW-B35MS

Stainless steel wall cabinets
are designed for flush-face construction with a recessed back panel for uneven wall surfaces.  Solid doors are double-walled for added strength and sound-deadened for optimal performance.  Sliding doors ride quietly on noiseless, ball-bearing rollers.

•  Sloping tops available for all models (add suffix "ST" after item number)
•  Choice of solid or glass hinged doors
•  Sliding glass or solid doors
•  Shelves are adjustable in ½" increments

NOTE:  You may not be able to order this item online due to freight limits.  Please e-mail your order to or call 303-752-0076.

CRW-B35MS, Stainless Steel Wall Cabinet, 2 Adjustable Shelves, 2 Solid Hinged Doors, 35"W x 13"D x 36"H    
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