Security Racks, 2 Shelves, Stationary, 17" X 33" X 67", Chrome - Safely Store and Transport Costly Materials and Items Subject to Pilferage, EA-SC1430-2SH

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Security Racks - 2 Shelves - Stationary - Chrome - 17" x 33" x 67" H - EA-SC1430-2SH

Safely store and transport materials and items subject to pilferage with the 2"x2" mesh.  The security carts are offered in chrome or stainless steel.  Choose between stationary, mobile and units with dolly trucks. The security carts are shipped knocked down.

Security rack is available with optional Quad-Adjust Shelves for intermediate shelves instead of fixed height shelves.  Call for pricing
The stationary security unit includes 2 internal wire shelves.  The overall height of each security cart is 67" (1702mm)

SECURITY RACK AVAILABLE SIZES                               SHELF SIZE               CUBIC FEET
EA-SC1430-2SH    17"x33"x67"H                           14x30  EA-1430C               5
EA-SC1436-2SH    17"x39"x67"H                           14x36  EA-1436C               5
EA-SC1448-2SH    17"x51"x67"H                           14x48  EA-1448C               9
EA-SC1460-2SH    17"x63"x67"H                           14x60  EA-1460C              10
EA-SC2430-2SH    27"x33"x67"H                           24x30  EA-2430C               9
EA-SC2436-2SH    27"x39"x67"H                           24x36  EA-2436C               9
EA-SC2448-2SH    27"x51"x67"H                           24x48  EA-2448C              13 
EA-SC2460-2SH    27"x63"x67"H                           24x63  EA-2460C              15
EA-SC3030-2SH    33"x33"x67"H                           30x30  EA-3030C              15
EA-SC3036-2SH    33"x39"x67"H                           30x36  EA-3036C              15
EA-SC3048-2SH    33"x51"x67"H                           30x48  EA-3048C              19
EA-SC3060-2SH    33"x63"x67"H                           30x60  EA-3060C              21

Product Code     EA-SC1430-2SH   Security Racks, Stationary, Chrome, 2 Internal Chrome Shelves.

For more options, visit our main Security Carts section.

To order security racks online, click above, call customer service at 303-752-0076 or email

Shipping Instructions: The security racks ship on a motor freight carrier. The order ships collect or prepay and add to the invoice. If shipping collect, add freight account number in the “Comments Box” when checking out. Customer is responsible for the freight charge. Indicate if your facility will require a lift gate or if you have a dock high receiving area. Please include delivery point of contact name and phone number. Inspect all shipments within (3) three business days of receiving. Freight claims can only be filed within that time. Security racks weigh about 115 lbs.

In addition to security racks, we also offer a variety of other Material Handling, including: Cleanroom Computer CartsPostsShelves, and Equipment Covers.

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