Sanitary Shovel One-Piece, 15"x17"x40", Red, PF-4014R

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Sanitary Shovel  One Piece - 15"x17"x40" - Red - PF-4014R

One-Piece Sanitary Shoves construction eliminates weak points and loose handles often found in two-piece shovels. The shovels are chemical and corrosion resistant.  Non-absorbent, rinses clean and odor-free.  The blade is 15" wide x 17" high.  Overall length is 40" and is available in red, white and blue.  6 per case

PF-4014R   Red
PF-4014W  White
PF-4014B   Blue

Product Code: PF-4014R  Sanitary Shovel, One Piece, Red

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