Cleanroom Sticky Mats, Reusable, Washable Tacky Mats, 4X6 - Blue, 4'x6' HRC-46-BL

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Washable Sticky Mats - Cleanroom - Reusable Tacky Mats - Blue - 4'x6'  HRC-46-BL 

The permanent, washable, tack regenerating mat is designed specifically for the removal of even the finest footborne and wheelborne contamination.

•  Washable sticky mats have a low profile for easy and safe passage of carts and personnel.
•  Designed for multiple applications which include inside and outside cleanroom areas, air showers, gown rooms, lab environments and hall ways.
•  Reusable sticky mats remove 98% - 100% of surface foot and wheelborne contamination when a minimum 3 steps have contact with the mat.
•  Cleanroom washable sticky mats can be manufactured in custom cut sizes. Vinyl welds are smooth and create a contamination free seam.  
•  Environmentally Friendly - 100% of all materials can be recycled
•  Self-adhere to any flat, clean surface.  When needed , non residue adhesive strips provided 
•  Washable sticky mats can easly be moved to different locations without distortion and tearing.
•  No risk of static damage.  Reusable sticky mats have no layers to peel off to create damaging static charge.
•  Mop, rinse, squeegee and let dry.  100% of the tack is regenerated when cleaned properly and regularly.
•  How often the mat needs to be cleaned depends on the amount a foot and wheel traffic.
•  Two year warranty if using proper cleaning solutions and process
Thickness: Standard of 90 - 100 mils
Width:       Standard width up to 4 ft
Length:      Standard length from 1 ft (.3m) to 50 ft (15m)

Coefficient of Friction: 2.02 (ASTM C1028), 4.05 TORTUS
Load Resistance: 1200 psi
Heat Resistance: 32º F to 123º F; 0º C to 50º C Length* Standard
Toxicity: Non-toxic *These vary depending on specific customer needs.
X-Rays: No Effect
Gamma Rays: No Effect
Outgassing: Negligible
ESD Properties: Static Dissipative (more information available upon request)
Chemical Resistance:  Resistant to most chemicals (more information available upon request)
Bacteria Resistance: Prevents common bacteria growth (tested on pseudonomas aerugonosa and staphylococcus aureus.)

HRC-46-BL   Washable Sticky Mat   4'x6'  Blue - Request optional trim at no charge

Email or call customer service for a 6"x8" sample of the reusable sticky mat for evaluation.

Email or call customer service for a 6"x8" sample of the reusable sticky mat for evaluation.

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To order washable sticky mats online, you can click above, call customer service at (303)752-0076, or email

SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS:  The washable sticky mats can ship UPS or Fedex. The order ships collect or prepay and add to the invoice. Customer is responsible for the freight charge.

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