Eye Wash, PTFE, 1/4" Inlet Thread, No Hose, TA-EW-101

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 Eye Wash - PTFE - 1/4" Inlet Thread - No Hose  TA-EW-101

The PTFE Eye Wash Assembly is designed to provide emergency eye/facial rinse. With one hand, this product may be pulled toward the user and immediately operated by a simple squeeze of the handle. Upon activation a soft aerated flow is released to gently flush the eye free of irritants. A non-metallic aerator converts harsh city water into a bubbly smooth stream while the body itself is constructed of PTFE. This allows the Eye Wash to be used in most any application including hostile chemical environments.

•  Maximum operating pressure 75 PSI
•  Media Temperature Range:  60ºF - 100°F
  • Convenient one-hand operation
  • Aerator action
  • Corrosion resistant design
  • Easy hookup
  • Uses existing water supply

Product Code: TA-EW-101   Standard Eye Wash with 1/4" FNPT inlet thread - Eye Wash Only

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