Exam Gloves, Nitrile, Powder Free, Accelerator Free, Deep Violet Blue, Boxed, 100 /Box - 10 Box/Case, XXS-2XL, HG-1100

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Exam Glove - HandPRO - Free Style - Nitrile - Powder Free - Accelerator Free - Boxed - Deep Violet Blue - 80 Pcs/Box 10 Box/Case - XXS-2XL - HG-1100

Exam gloves are powder free and durable. FreeStyle1100® is chemotherapy drug permeation tested and passes the viral penetration test for added protection.  Accelerator free nitrile glove has fewer chemicals and virtually eliminates the risk of Type l latex and Type lV chemical allergic reactions and contact dermatitis. The nitrile compound sheds water better for a more secure grip. These gloves meet or exceed ASTM and FDA requirements.  Sizes XX-Small-XXL.

First Fentanyl permeation labeling claim granted by the U.S. FDA. Fortis500 has passed the most stringent test method with Fentanyl Citrate permeation base on 0.01 microgram/cm²/min (simulating the worst-case scenario) for protection against accidental second-hand exposure that can cause respiratory depression, arrest, and possibly death. It's protection you can trust.

The Chemotherapy tested gloves meet the most recent ASTM D6978 standards. Glove testing results are available from the manufacturer and printed ion the box. Gloves are tested for permeability by specifiv chemotherapy drugs. 

Two pairs of chemotherapy-tested gloves should be worn for all HD-handling activities. Change gloves every 30 minutes or immediately if damaged or nowingly contaminated. Gloves must be disposable and powder-free; made from nitrile, neoprene, or latex; and have a cuff long enough to cover the sleeves of the gown. Thickness will vary according to glove material. With chemotherapy preperation, use sterile gloves as the outer glove.

Two pairs of Chemotherapy tested gloves are recommended for use with the following activities.
•  Discontinuing Infusions
•  Recieving and unpacking HDs
•  Disposal of HDs
•  Reconstituting, admixing, and manipulating HDs within PEC
•  Spill Cleanup
•  Routine Cleaning
•  Administering and HD (single pair needed to administer intact, unit dose-packaged, oral chemotherapy doses) 

The Following Gloves are Chemotherapy Tested Gloves
•  Hourglass Fortis HG-500
•  Hourglass Scion HG-700 Series
•  Hourglass Freestyle HG-1100 Series

• Advanced X-Linking Nitrile
• Not made with natural rubber latex to reduce risk of latex allergy
• Chemotherapy drug permeation tested for safety when handling certain drugs
• Low Dermatitis Potential
• Accelerator Free Nitrile no dithiocarbamates, thiurams of mercaptobenzothiazoles (MBT)
• Anti-Slip SUPER Grip Compound
• Textured fintersips
• Powder free

HG-1106-XXS               XX-Small                                                                                                                                            
HG-1100-XS                  X-Small                                  
HG-1101- S                   Small                                                                                                                                                   
HG-1102-M                    Medium                                                                                                                                     
HG-1103-L                     Large                                      
HG-1104-XL                  X-Large                                  
HG-1105-XXL               XX-Large                                

•  Meet or exceed ASTM and FDA requirements.
•  Cuff.....Min 0.05-0.06 mm
•  Palm......Min 0.06-0.07 mm
•  Finger......Min 0.10-0.12 mm

•  Tensile Strength:  27-33 Mpa
•  Ultimate Elongation: 520-560%
•  AQL Watertight Test:  1.5
•  Glove Length:  9.25 inches (235mm)

Product Code: HG-1100  Nitrile Glove, Powder Free, Accelerator Free, Packaged in Boxes, Deep Violet Blue, XXS-2XL, 100 gloves/box, 10bx/cs, 2XL- 80 gloves/box

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