Polypropylene Cleanroom Wipes, 4"x 4", 4800/case, LT-7408-44

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Cleanroom Wipes -  Bonded Polypropylene - 4x4 - LT-7408-44

This cleanroom wiper is a composite of super absorbent cellulose thermally bonded between two out layers of tough abrasion resistant polypropylene. The combination is a unique synergistic effect. The polypropylene has excellent wicking properties yet holds very little liquid. Consequently the cleanroom wipers outer layers remain fairly dry while the inner cellulose holds the bulk of the liquid. The cleanroom wiper is very effective when using acids. The wipers are strong, durable, low in particulate and chemical extractables.

Compo Wipe Bonded Polypropylene
LT-7408-44        4"x4"        400/bag - 12 bags/case
LT-7408-89        8"x9"        100/bag - 12 bags/case
LT-7408-1112   11"x12"      100/bag - 14 bags/case 

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