Cleanroom Wipes, ESD Carbon Lines, Polyester, Heavy Weight, 4"x 4", LT-7278-44

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Cleanroom Wipes -   ESD Carbon Lines - Polyester - Heavy Weight - 4x4  LT-7278-44

The conductive polyester cleanroom wiper has all of the same properties as the LT-7225 wiper heavy weight cleanroom wiper with the  addition of  DuPont's Negastat® carbon yarn. The conductive fibers promptly disperse the electrical static charges which may occur in the wiping action. The wipers have a cut knife edge.  Available in sizes: 4x4, 9x9 & 12x12.  Custom sizes also available

•  Strong
•  Smooth
•  Adsorbent
•  Carbon yarn for ESD - Static Dissipative
•  Cleanroom laundered option
•  3.09 to 3.74 oz/SqYd
•  105 to 127 g/sqM

ESD Polyester Wiper Cleanroom Class 100
LT-7278-44      4"x4"  600/bag - 4 bags/case          Loose Packed
LT-7278-99      9"x9"  150/bag - 5 bags/case          Neatly Stacked
LT-7278-1212  12"x12"  100/bag - 4 bags/case     Neatly Stacked

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