Cleanroom Wipers, Poly-Mesh, Double Thick, Hemmed, MN-WP68-99H

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Cleanroom Wipers - PolyMesh - Double Thick - Hemmed - MN-WP68-99H
The PolyMesh™ wiper is double thick and hemmed 9"x9" polymesh material.  Designed as a cleanroom alternative to household grade abrasive pads.  This wiper can be used where increased abrasion is required to remove photo resist, chemical deposits and fluxes.  Ideal for fermentation tanks and veterinary labs. The abrasive mesh polyester pad deals with heavy soils but will not shed or flake. PolyMesh wipers hold up to strong disinfectants and can be autoclaved. Wipers can be laundered. Material is 100% polyester monofilament mesh. 

• Double thick
• Hemmed
• Poly mesh material
• Will not shed of flake
• Autoclavable
• Launderable
• 100% polyester monofilament mesh

MN-WP68-99H, PolyMesh Wiper, Double Thick, Hemmed, 9"x9", Bag of 10 wipes, 100 wipes/case.

NOTE:  Price per bag of 10 wipes.

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