Cleanroom Tape - Polyethylene, Low Outgassing, Medium Tack, 1/2" x 36 Yards, Class 10, White, WW-1154WH050-P3D

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Cleanroom Tape - Polyethylene - Low Outgassing- Class 10 - ½" x 36 Yards - White - WW-1154WH050-P3D

This cleanroom tape is a good replacement for vinyl tape in general use and cleanroom construction.  The medium tack bonds quickly to all surfaces.  The adhesive strength is virtually identical to vinyl tapes.  The cleanroom polyethylene backing can be written on with a cleanroom pen and you can tear it by hand.  The 1154 is also recommended for in process applications due to its low outgassing and metal properties.

•  Polyethylene
•  Medium Adhesion
•  Can be Written On
•  Tear by Hand
•  Low Outgassing
•  White
•  Class 10

WW-1154WH050-P3D          1/2" x 36 Yards    12 Roll/Pack-48 Rolls/Case
WW-1154WH075-P3D          3/4" x 36 Yards      8 Roll/Pack-64 Rolls/Case
WW-1154WH100-P3D            1"  x 36 Yards      6 Roll/Pack-48 Rolls/Case
WW-1154WH150-P3D         1-½" x 36 Yards      4 Roll/Pack-32 Rolls/Case
WW-1154WH200-P3D             2" x 36 Yards      3 Roll/Pack-24 Rolls/Case
WW-1154WH300-P3D             3" x 36 Yards      2 Roll/Pack-16 Rolls/Case
WW-1154WH400-P3D             4" x 36 Yards      1 Roll/Pack-12 Rolls/Case

NOTE:  Price per roll.  Sold in Case Quantities.

WW-1154WH050-P3D, Cleanroom Tape, Polyethylene, Construction, Medium Tack, White

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