Cleanroom Tape - Double Sided w/Liner, Permanent, 1/2" Wide, 36 Yards Long, WW-0510CL050-P3S

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Cleanroom Tape - Double Sided with Liner - Permanent Acrylic Adhesive - 1/2" Wide by 36 Yards Long - WW-0501CL050-P3S

The Aerospace industry has stringent requirements for silicone free, residue-free, low outgassing adhesive tape.  This cleanroom tape meets all the requirements.  The cleanroom tapes are ideal for the Solar Cell Mfg cleanroom.  The tape is available with two levels of cleanliness.  First: each roll is processed through the clean manufacturimg process, individually inspected and individually wrapped in cleanroom polyethylene bags, and than double bagged in packs.  The second style is the standard version for use in less critical environments with a single bag packaging.  The 0510 Cleanroom Tape is a double sided tape which has a permanent adhesive on both sides of a polyester tape with a transparent red Mylar release liner.  Typical applications are connecting cleanroom plastic sheeting to adjacent pieces or permanent name plate mounting.

•  Double Sided
•  Permanent Acrylic Adhesive
•  Transparent Red Mylar Release Liner
•  Various Sizes Available
•  Clear

•  WW-0510CL050-P3S   1/2"W   36 Yards Long  1 Roll/bag- 48 Rolls/case
•  WW-0510CL075-P3S   3/4"W   36 Yards Long  1 Roll/bag- 32 Rolls/case
•  WW-0510CL100-P3S   1"W      36 Yards Long  1 Roll/bag- 24 Rolls/case
•  WW-0510CL200-P3S   2"W      36 Yards Long  1 Roll/bag- 12 Rolls/case

NOTE:  Price is Per Each Roll!  Sold In Case Quantities!

WW-0501CL050-P3S, Cleanroom Tape, Double Sided, ½" Wide by 36 Yards Long, 48 Rolls/Case

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