Nilfisk GM80CR HEPA Filtered; ESD Conductive Hose and Accessories, NI-01790350

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Cleanroom Vacuums  - Nilfisk GM80CR - HEPA Filtered - ISO 5 Class 100 - NI-01790350

The Nilfisk cleanroom vacuum is the portable GM80CR which is specifically designed and packaged for use in cleanrooms. The powerful cleanroom vacuum features a HEPA filtered downstream (or after) the motor to eliminate any particles generated by the motor. The  Nilfisk GM80CR cleanroom vacuum has a four stage filtration system which includes a paper bag, main filter, micro filter and HEPA exhaust filter. The GM80CR motor is interference suppressed so it will not affect electronic equipment in cleanrooms.

The GM80CR cleanroom vacuum is unique because it also offers ESD protection. The 6 foot 6 inch conductive hose will not generate a static charge as it drags across the cleanroom floor. This ensures that particles will not be attracted to the plastic hose which would result in redistribution throughout other areas of the cleanroom. The conductive nozzle, stainless steel wands and conductive hose allows a path to ground through the grounded power cord.  

•  Four-stage filtration system includes a disposable paper bag, extra large main filter, micro filter and HEPA exhaust filter.
•  First stage disposable paper bag captures the bulk of collected debris with a 2.25 gallon capacity.
•  Extra large main filter ensures a steady, even airflow and eliminates premature clogging.
•  The micro filter protects the motor and acts as a barrier to even bacteria size particles.
•  Final HEPA exhaust filter has a particle retention of 99.97 percent at 0.3 microns.  Compatible with ISO 5, ISO 6, ISO 7 and ISO 8 environments.  
•  10 foot conductive plastic hose provides ESD protection.
•  Motor thermal protection device prevents overheating caused by failure to keep filters clean or by accidental blockage in a nozzle or hose.
•  The wheeled trolley adds mobility and easily glides across all surfaces.
•  Positive twist safety latches offer security by preventing the container from opening if the vacuum is dropped.
•  Replaceable parts can be ordered ensuring the heavy duty vacuum can be used for years.

This cleanroom vacuum is also available with an ULPA filter for use in an ISO 4 Class 10 environment. The difference between the two filters is the particle retention level. HEPA filter has a retention level of 99.97 percent at 0.3 microns. An ULPA filters retention level is 99.999 percent at 0.12 microns.  To order an ULPA filtered cleanroom vacuum click on link NI-01790150.

Filter redundancy is important in any cleanroom vacuum. The Nilfisk filtration system uses a series of progressively finer filters to trap and retain particles. These filters are oversized which slows airflow to optimize the air-to-cloth ration and protects filters from excessive wear and tear. 

•  Paper Bags: First level of filtration collects most of the large particles and debris. Bags have a particle retention level of 99.7 percent at 3.0 microns 
•  Cotton Main Filter: The over sized main filter is the next level of filtration retaining 99.8 percent @ 3.0 microns. Replace filter when a loss of vacuum suction is noticed.
•  Polyester Micro Filter: Used to protect the motor and filter out bacteria. Particle retention of 99.5% @ 2.0 microns. Replace filter when it no longer looks clean.
•  HEPA filter captures 99.97% of particles sized down to 0.3 microns. Should be changed with every fourth change of the micro filter.

•  Collection Type: Dry
•  Type of Power:  Single Phase
•  Voltage at 60 Hz: 120
•  Amp:  10
•  Watts: 1100
•  Controlled Waterlift: 84"
•  CFM:  87
•  Container Capacity: 3.24 gallons
•  Paper Bag Capacity: 2.25 gallons
•  Dimensions: 14"L x 12"W x 16"H 
•  Weight: 13 lbs
•  Cord Length: 30'
•  Filter Area: 2.26 ft² 
•  Sound Pressure Level @ 6'6": 61 dBA  

Product Code  NI-01790350   Nilfisk GM80CR HEPA Filtered Vacuum, Includes: Vacuum, HEPA Filter, Main Filter, Micro Filter,  10' 32mm Conductive Plastic Hose, 2ea Straight Steel Wands, Conductive Utility Nozzle, Combination Floor Nozzle, Conductive Dust Brush, Conductive Crevice Nozzle, 30 Foot Power Cord, Tool Caddie, Detachable Trolley and a Package of 5 Paper Bags.

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To order Nilfisk GM80CR cleanroom vacuum, you can click above, email, or call customer service at (303)752-0076. 

Shipping Instructions: The Nilfisk GM80CR cleanroom vacuum will ship via UPS or FedEx. The order ships collect or prepay and add to the invoice. If shipping collect, add your freight account number in the “Comments Box” when checking out. Customer is responsible for the freight charge 

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