Cleanroom Brush, Counter Brush, Polymer, Blue, PF-3050B

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Cleanroom Brush - Counter Brush - Polymer - Blue - PF-3050B
The cleanroom counter brush is ideal for removing fine dirt, dust and debris from workstations, countertops, and shelves.  Sanitary counter brush is a medium textured polypropylene fiber which is heat fused into an impact-resistant polymer brush block, eliminating premature fiber fallout and areas for contaminants to collect.  Durable fiber maintains shape and is visually coded to isolate areas for use.  10 brushes per case

Poly block and fiber will not absorb bacteria, liquids or odors like nylon and natural fibers.  Unaffected by water, grease, petroleum products, detergents, sanitizers and solvents.

Length: 14"
Width: 1 5/8"
Fiber Trim: 2 1/4"
PF-3050R    Red
PF-3050W   White
PF-3050B    Blue
PF-3050Y    Yellow
PF-3050G    Green

Product Code: PF-3050B  Cleanroom Brush, Counter Brush, Polymer, Blue

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