Cleanroom Broom - Floor Broom, Stiff Sweep, 24" Wide, Yellow, PF-2524Y

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Cleanroom Broom - Floor Broom - Stiff Sweep - 24"Wide - Yellow - PF-2524Y  

This durable fill is excellent for sweeping heavy or coarse material and for removing difficult dirt and deposits from unfinished surfaces, wood, concrete, blacktop, etc.  Patented Lite-N-Tite connection system extend brush life with unique socket design that locks PVC sanitary handle into a very tight fit.  Order adjustable handle #PF-8800 separately. 

Case Quantity: 10ea - minimum order may apply

Cleanroom Broom, Floor Broom, Stiff Broom
PF-2518R    Red           18"Wide
PF-2518W   White
PF-2518B    Blue
PF-2518Y    Yellow
PF-2518G    Green

PF-2524R    Red           24"Wide
PF-2524W   White
PF-2524B    Blue
PF-2524Y    Yellow
PF-2524G    Green

Product Code: PF-2524Y  Cleanroom Broom, Stiff Sweep, 24" Wide, Yellow

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