Vibration Isolation Workstation - VH IsoStation, NW-1154307

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The VH Vibration Isolation Workstation provides pneumatic vibration isolation for platform loads up to 2000 lbs.  Features Newports Stabilizer™ hybrid chamber isolators.  Tubular steel frames will not collect dust.  For platforms with moving loads this damping version provides high damping and fast settling with very little compromise of isolation properties.  The isolator valves and plumbing of each workstation comes pre-assembled so you can quickly set up your system.

HIGH RESOLUTION SYSTEMS - "A" Series Stabilizer™ Isolators
In many high-resolution systems very low-level vibration noise is the ultimate measurement limitation. The "A" Series light load isolators offer the same advanced hybrid chamber technology developed for the research grade I-2000 isolators.  The vibration isolation provided by this system is unsurpassed for the size range of pneumatic isolator.  The "A" series is the best choice for most high resolution applications.

HIGH THROUGHPUT SYSTEMS- "B" Version Damping Isolators
"B" Version Damping Isolators offer increased damping and reduced platform-settling time.  The "B" Series should be selected for high resolution systems with an increased requirement for releveling speed and stability as loads are moved across the platform.   

Non-leveling mounts are available for systems requiring less vibration isolation.  The elastomers and SLM air mounts are an economical choice for a wide range of applications.  The highly damped elastomers can also be used for very high acceleration moving stage applications.  The technology ensures that the workstations natural frequency remains constant during payload weight changes.

System also includes the Z-Bar Tubular Frame, Honeycomb Platforms, and Ergonomic Options

BREAD BOARD SIZES:  4", 2", Laminated Worksurfaces, Stainless Steel 


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