Tyvek Shirts, Long Sleeves, Snap Front, Open Wrists, DuPont, 50/case, Large, DU-TY303S-L

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Tyvek Shirts - Long Sleeves - Snap Front - Open Wrists - Large - DU-TY303S-L 

Tyvek® shirts are composed of flash spun high density polyethylene which creates a nonwoven material. Tyvek® fabrics are noted for their superior particulate barrier and ability to resist the passage of micro organisms (down to 1.0 micron in size).  The lightweight, nonwoven Tyvek® fabric is used to construct garments that provide protection for your people and cleanroom processes.  The Dupont™ Cleanroom  Tyvek® garments offer features such as tapered torso to reduce billowing, extended sleeve and leg length to minimize skin exposure, rotated shoulders and curved backs for improved comfort and movement.  Sizes Small-7XL

• Shirt design with front snap closures for easy donning and doffing
• Laydown collar
• Open wrists
• Typically worn with DU-TY350S pants
• Extends to hip
• Serged seams
• Bulk packaged in a cardboard box no bags

DU-TY303S-S                       Small
DU-TY303S-M                       Medium
DU-TY303S-L                        Large
DU-TY303S-XL                      X-Large
DU-TY303S-2XL                  2X-Large
DU-TY303S-3XL                  3X-Large
DU-TY303S-4XL                  4X-Large
DU-TY303S-5XL                  5X-Large
DU-TY303S-6XL                  6X-Large
DU-TY303S-7XL                  7X-Large
DU-TY303S-L  Tyvek® Shirt, Snap Front, Long Sleeves, Large, 50/Case, Bulk Packed.     

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