Tyvek Coveralls, Elastic Wrists/Ankles, IsoClean, Cleanroom Processed, Bulk Packaged, 25/case, 6XL, DU-IC181S-OO-6XL

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Tyvek Coveralls - Elastic Wrists and Ankles - IsoClean - Bulk Packaged - 6XL - DU-IC181S-OO-6XL

Cleanroom Tyvek® coveralls offer protection, durability and comfort.  Made using a patented flash spinning process, Tyvek® provides an inherent barrier to particles, microorganisms and non-hazardous light liquid splash.  Tyvek® fabrics are noted for their superior particulate barrier and ability to resist the passage of micro organisms.   The lightweight, nonwoven Tyvek® fabric is used to construct garments that provide protection for your people and cleanroom processes.  The Dupont™ cleanroom Tyvek® garments feature a tapered torso to reduce billowing, extended sleeve and leg length to minimize skin exposure, rotated shoulders and curved backs for improved comfort and movement.  Bulk packaged.   Sizes: Small-8XL

• Serged seams have no raw edges of garment material and extra stitching to create a strong, stress-resistant seam.
• Elastic wrists and ankle
• Set sleeve
• Laydown collar
• Front zipper closure 
• Bulk packaged in double transparent poly liners
• Cleanroom Tyvek garments are made with the smooth side of the Tyvek on the outside of the garments

DU-IC181S-OO-S     Small
DU-IC181S-OO-M      Medium
DU-IC181S-OO-L     Large
DU-IC181S-OO-XL    XLarge
DU-IC181S-OO-2XL  2XLarge
DU-IC181S-OO-3XL  3XLarge
DU-IC181S-OO-4XL  4XLarge
DU-IC181S-OO-5XL  5XLarge
DU-IC181S-OO-6XL  6XLarge
DU-IC181S-OO-7XL  7XLarge
DU-IC181S-OO-8XL  8XLarge

DU-IC181S-OO-6XL  Tyvek Coveralls, Elastic Wrists and Ankles, Set Sleeve, IsoClean, Bulk Packaged, 6XL, 25/case

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