Tube Brush - Metal Free, Polyproplene, Double Leader, 3/4" Diameter, 36" Length

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Tube Brush - Metal Free - Polyproplene - Double Leader - ¾" Diameter - 36" Length - GB-740736

The Double Leader is a push/pull through brush.  It has an 8" brush head with a ball on each end.  Metal free tube brushes are used to clean the inside of  straight and especially curved pipes and tubes.  They also clean valves and fittings or anywhere aggressive scrubbing is needed.  Metal free tube brushes will not scratch most surfaces.  Made with 100% food grade polyproplene.  Highly chemical resistant.  Fused bristles minimize the potential for trapping bacteria and contaminants.  Available in white only.

•  Metal Free
•  Double Leader, Push/Pull Through Brush
•  100% Food Grade Polypropylene
•  Chemical Resistant
•  Fused Bristles
•  White

GB-740524              ½"D x 24"L
GB-740536              ½"D x 36"L
GB-740548              ½"D x 48"L

GB-740724               ¾"D x 24"L
GB-740736               ¾"D x 36"L
GB-740748               ¾"D x 48"L

GB-741024               1"D x 24"L
GB-741036               1"D x 36"L
GB-741048               1"D x 48"L

NOTE:  Price per package of 6

GB-740736, Metal Free, Polyproplene, Double Leader, ¾" Diameter, 36" Length

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