Tacky Roller - Polyurethane Tacky Roller, 18"Wide CQ-CSR-3018-P

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Tacky Roller - Polyurethane Sticky Roller - 18"Wide - CQ-CSR-3018-P

The Hand Held Tacky Roller is used for cleaning smaller surface areas.  It is available only in a 3 mil clear polyethylene film  9", 12" or 18" wide on a 1½" core for the 9" and a 3" core for the 12" and 18".  The Hand Held Poly Tacky Roller is used for smooth surfaces, Poly coated film provides an anti microbial agent. The Tacky Roller has perforated sheets,   When each sheet is contaminated it is simply peeled off the roll to uncover a clean sheet.   The refill simply slides on and off the core handle.   4 rolls per case.   Price per each roll.

     *  Resilient foam surface
     *  Plastic core
     *  Easy sheet removal
     *  Very easy to handle

CQ-CSR-3018-P    Hand Held Sticky Poly Roller   18" Wide   60 sheets/roll  Perforated 11.5"  

HANDLE NOT INCLUDED - order CQ-CSR-0300-H handle & CQ-CSR-0306-E extension 3' to 6'L

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