Sterile Wipes, Poly/Cellulose, Dry, Gamma Irradiated, 9" x 9", 10/bag, LT-C30GR-99P-00

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Sterile Wipes - Poly/Cellulose - Dry - Gamma Irradiated - 9x9   LT-C30GR-99P-00

The C30 Sterile Wiper has no chemical binders and is very low particulate. The poly/cellulose wipe is recommended when ultra-low particulate along with being economical are the requirements.  This wipe's reliablility is unmatched, stemming from the extreme penetrating nature of gamma irradiation and the ease of controlling the single irradiation process variable.  Cobalt-60 gamma irradiation has become the industry's method of choice.

•  Unmatched reliability
•  Industry choice: Cobalt-60 gamma irradiation 
•  No chemical binders
•  Hermetically sealed
•  Quality: backed by Essentra Quality Assurance Program and ISO-9002 procedures
•  Gamma irradiation sticker

Sterile Poly/Cellulose Wipe - Cleanroom - Dry
LT-C30GR-99P-00       9"x9"  10/bag, 10 bags/pack, 20 packs/case
LT-C30GR-99P-01       9"x9"  25/bag, 6 bags/pack, 12 packs/case
LT-C30GR-99P-02       9"x9"  300/bag, 1 bag/pack, 6 packs/case
LT-C30GR-BBP-00    12"x12"  5/bag, 30 bags/pack, 6 packs/case
LT-C30GR-BBP-01    12"x12"  25/bag, 6 bags/pack, 8 packs/case
LT-C30GR-BBP-02    12"x12"  150/bag, 1 bag/pack, 8 packs/case

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