Step Stool - Stainless Steel, 2 Steps, 24"W x 16"D x 16"H, BL-7763MR

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Step Stool - 2 Steps - Stainless Steel - 24"W x 16"D x 16"H - BL-7763MR

Step stool is a two-step version and provides a 24"x8" top step welded to a larger base (24" x 16").  Two welded rod-braces below the bottom step provide extra reinforcement.  The step stool is a stainless steel construction.  An outer frame is welded all around the top and over the rubber tread for protection.  Add the optional handrail to 41" height (MODEL BL-7763MR-HR.)  All components are MRI-Safe and suitable for MRI environments.
BL-7763MR           Stainless Steel Step Stool - Two Steps
BL-7763MR-HR    Stainless Steel Step Stool with Hand Rail - Two Steps

Weight Capacity: 350 pounds evenly distributed

For more options, visit the main Cleanroom Step Stool section. 

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