Stainless Steel Table - Eagle, 16ga/304 Stainless Steel Top/SS Base, 24"W x 24"L x 35"H, EA-T2424STEB

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Stainless Steel Table - Eagle Table - Deluxe - 16/304 Stainless Steel Top/SS Base - EA-T2424STEB

Stainless steel table has a top constructed of 16 gauge type 304 stainless steel with 1½" roll on front and rear, and sides turned down 90°.  Open front with 1¼" O.D. stainless steel tubular crossbracing on sides and rear.  Top reinforced with welded hat channels and sound deadened.  Constructed with uni-lok® patented gusset system with the gussets recessed into the hat channels to reduce lateral movement.  Legs to be 1 5/8" O.D,  stainless steel tubing with stainless steel gussets and 1" stainless steel adjustable bullet feet.

•  Patented uni-lok® gusset system: gussets are recessed into hat channel, reducing lateral movement.
•  Top reinforced with welded-on hat channel.
•  Sound-deadened between top and channels
•  1½" (38mm) diameter 180° rolled edges on front and rear.
•  Ends are turned down 90°, providing for flush installations when required.
•  16 gauge type 304 polished stainless steel.
•  CROSSBRACING - 1¼" (38mm) diameter.
•  Heavy gauge stainless steel.
•  Aluminum castings join crossbraces, legs and rear brace.
•  LEGS- 1 5/8" (41mm) diameter.
•  Tables 96" (2438mm) and longer come with six legs or more.
•  Heavy gauge stainless steel.
•  1" (25mm) adjustable stainless feet.
•  HEIGHT: 35 1/8" (892mm) plus 1" (25mm) adjustable foot

•  Drawer                                               
•  Duplex receptacles
•  Lock                                                    
•  Pot Rack
•  Casters                                              
•  Sink
•  Stainless steel bullet feet                  
•  Overshelves
EA-T2430STEB   24"x 30"x 35"H
EA-T2436STEB   24"x 30"x 35"H
EA-T2448STEB   24"x 48"x 35"H
EA-T2460STEB   24"x 60"x 35"H
EA-T2472STEB   24"x 72"x 35"H
EA-T2484STEB   24"x 84"x 35"H
EA-T2496STEB   24"x 96"x 35"H
EA-T3030STEB   30"x 30"x 35"H
EA-T3036STEB   30"x 36"x 35"H
EA-T3048STEB   30"x 48"x 35"H
EA-T3060STEB   30"x 60"x 35"H
EA-T3072STEB   30"x 72"x 35"H
EA-T3084STEB   30"x 84"x 35"H
EA-T3096STEB   30"x 96"x 35"H

EA-T3648STEB   36"x 48"x 35"H
EA-T3660STEB   36"x 60"x 35"H
EA-T3672STEB   36"x 72"x 35"H
EA-T3684STEB   36"x 84"x 35"H
EA-T3696STEB   36"x 96"x 35"H

EA-T2424STEB, Eagle, Stainless Steel Table, Brushed Stainless Steel Solid Top, Stainless Steel Legs, C Frame, 16 gauge type 304.

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