Stainless Steel Lab Cabinets, 2 Door, Base Cabinet, 47" x 22" x 35 3/4"H, BL-DA47HS

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Stainless Steel Lab Cabinets - 2 Door Base Cabinet - 47"x22"x35 3/4"

Base Cabinet with two doors is double-walled, solid door for added strength and sound-deadening for optimal performance
NOTE: All base cabinets are 22" deep.  Single cabinets are also available in 21 1/8" width.  Double-door cabinets are also available in 29" and 41" widths.  Countertops must be ordered separately -- call for information.  Custom cabinets available on request.

BL-DA47HS   Built In Base Stainless Cabinet 2 Doors - 1 Cupboard Adjustable Shelf
SIZE: 47"W x 22"D x 35 3/4"H
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