Security Rack - Hinged Doors, Side Panels, Chrome, EA-SECM1860C

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Security Rack - Hinged Doors - Side Panels - Chrome - EA-SECM1860C

The Security Module converts portion of shelf unit into a lockable enclosed security unit, adding versatility and flexibility.  The unit includes: 2 end panels, 1 rear panel, and door.  The security module is available with hinged doors or with single flip up door.

• Converts portion of shelf unit into a lockable enclosed security unit
• Includes end panels, rear panel and door (s)
• Available with hinged doors or with single flip-up door
• Fits in between two wire shelves spaced 20" apart
• More than one module can be added, depending on units overall height
• Available for 18", 21" and 24" wide shelving units

NOTE: Shelves and posts sold separately.
Security Module, Lockable, Hinged Door, Chrome

EA-SECM1830C  18"x30"x 20"H  
EA-SECM1836C  18"x36"x 20"H
EA-SECM1848C  18"x48"x 20"H
EA-SECM1860C  18"x60"x 20"H

EA-SECM2130C  21"x30"x 20"H
EA-SECM2136C  21"x36"x 20"H
EA-SECM2148C  21"x48"x 20"H
EA-SECM2160C  21"x60"x 20"H

EA-SECM2430C  24"x30"x 20"H
EA-SECM2436C  24"x36"x 20"H
EA-SECM2448C  24"x48"x 20"H
EA-SECM2460C  24"x60"x 20"H

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