PVC Aprons, Full Length, Raw Edge, 35"x50", 6 mil, 72/case, KS-AP-PVC-6R-3550-BL

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PVC Aprons - Full Length - Raw Edge - 6 mil - 72/case
PVC or Poly Vinyl Chloride aprons are designed to be your defense against contamination while remaining comfortable to wear.  High quality materials conform to the most rigorous and documented test standards and undergo independent quality testing to ensure constant performation.  Each lot is inspected for size, material and workmanship.

• Excellent Fluid Barrier
• FFDCA Certified
• Non-Linting
• Clean Room Compatible
• General Purpose
• Multiple Sizes
• Stong/Durable
• Cost Effective
• Premium Fabrics
• Regulatory Compliance

KS-AG-PVC-6R-3550-BL   PVC Apron, Raw Edge, Blue, 6 mil,  12/bag - 6 bags/case
For more options, visit the main Cleanroom Apron section. 

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