Polypropylene Frocks, Snap Front, Knit Wrist, Knit Collar, 50/case, Medium, TI-843885NP-M

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Polypropylene Frocks - Snap Front - Knit Wrists - Knit Collar - Medium  TI-843885NP-M
The polypropylene lab coat is a disposable designed for a controlled environment area with less stringent particle requirements.  The light weight breathable lab coats have a snap front, knit wrists, knit collar, wer and knee length.  The material of the lab coats is a non-linting, non-woven 100% spun-bond polypropylene material which offers exceptional breathability, comfortable and cool.   The lab coats are available in sizes large - 5XL.  Packaged 10 pieces per sealed inner poly bag, 5 poly bags per sealed master bag, 50 per case.

•  Material Weight: 30 gm/m2
•  Individually inspected for sizing, stitching and workmanship
•  ISO Class 7 - Helmke Drum Testing
•  Flammability: Class 1
•  Grab Strength: MD: 16 lbs, XD: 11 lbs
•  Ball Burst:  18.6 lbs
•  Puncture/Tear  MD: 3.4 lbs, XD: 7.1 lbs
•  Water Vapor Transmission:  6856 gm/m2, 24 hrs
•  Water Resistance: Not Applicable
•  Bloodborne Pathogens: Not Recommended  
Polypropylene Frocks, Knee Length, Snaps Front, Knit Wrists, Knit Collar, 50/cs 
TI-843885NP-M        Medium
TI-843885NP-L         Large
TI-843885NP-XL       Extra Large
TI-843885NP-2XL     2XL
TI-843885NP-3XL     3XL
TI-843885NP-4XL     4XL
TI-843885NP-5XL     5XL


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