Nitrile Anti-Fatigue Mats, Resistant to Chemicals, Oil and Heat, Cleanroom ISO 5 Class 100, 2'x3', Black, EO-SL-23-BLK

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Nitrile Anti-Fatigue Mats - Resistant to Petrochemicals, Oil and Heat - Cleanroom ISO 5 Class 100 - 2'x 3' - Black - EO-SL-23-BLK

The nitrile anti-fatigue mats are a pure nitrile rubber mat ideal for areas exposed to significant moisture and slip hazards as well as metal fabricating.  It is the most heat and abrasion resistant mat.  In case of excessive volumes of fluids, the Softline can be die-cut to allow for drainage.  Great anti-slip properties even when exposed to fat or oils.  Typical users of this mat are metal and welding operations, heavy manufacturing, and commercial kitchens. The unique design allows for exceptional anti-slip properties and easy cleaning of metal chips.  Withstands sparks and welding chips up to 1100°F (600°C).  Cleanroom ISO CLass 5  (Class 100)

  • • Chemicals
  • • Clean Room 100/Class 5
    • Cold <5°C / 40°F
  • • Daily Wash-Down
  • • Damp/Humid
  • • Dry
  • • Hot
  • • Insulator
  • • Metal Chips
  • • Oily
  • • Welding Sparks
  • • Wet 

Color: Black
Weight: 4600 g +/- 50g // 10 lbs +/- 1.75 oz
Thickness:  15 mm// 0.62"
Density: 1370 kg/m3 +/- 10%
Hardness: 50-60 Sh A
Flame Point: 400 C // 752 F
Warranty:  3 year

Custom Sizes Available

Colors: Black (BLK), Gray (GRA) and Blue (BLU)

EO-SL-23-BLK   2'x3'  Nitrile Anti-Fatigue Mats, Heavy Duty, Black
EO-SL-24-BLK   2'x4'
EO-SL-25-BLK   2'x5'
EO-SL-26-BLK   2'x6'
EO-SL-27-BLK   2'x7'
EO-SL-28-BLK   2'x8'
EO-SL-29-BLK   2'x9'
EO-SL-210-BLK 2'x10'

EO-SL-33-BLK   3'x3'
EO-SL-34-BLK   3'x4'
EO-SL-35-BLK   3'x5'
EO-SL-36-BLK   3'x6'
EO-SL-37-BLK   3'x7'
EO-SL-38-BLK   3'x8'
EO-SL-39-BLK   3'x9'
EO-SL-310-BLK 3'x10'

EO-SL-44-BLK   4'x4'
EO-SL-45-BLK   4'x5'
EO-SL-46-BLK   4'x6'

For more options, visit the main Cleanroom Anti-Fatigue Mat section. 


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