Modular Cleanrooms - Hardwall Clearoom

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Modular Cleanrooms  Hardwall Cleanroom
The Vertical Flow Hardwall Modular Cleanrooms Series 583 is a smooth metal wall and metal ceiling cleanroom designed to be wiped or washed down.  The walls can be made of either painted steel, painted aluminum, or stainless steel.   Lights are designed for wash down applications and options include halogen or tear drop.  The HEPA filters are room side replaceable for easy maintenance and replacement.  Gel seals are available for HEPA filters on stainess steel rooms.  A steel defuser screen is also included
  • Smooth Walls 
  • Easy-to-clean return air grills 
  • Stainless steel grill over HEPA filter 
  • Metal ceiling for easy wipe down 
  • Wash down lights
  • Flush-mount glass windows
  • Walkable ceiling 
For more options, visit the main Modular Cleanroom section. 

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