Laminar Flow Hoods, Vertical HEPA Filtered Air Flow, 6'L x 30"D, Open Base, CAP-412-6T30-30H-Mode'OB'-G143

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Laminar Flow Hood - Vertical HEPA Filtered Air Flow - 6'Lx30"D - Open Base - CAP-412-6T30-30H-Mode'OB'-G143

The vertical flow hood is specifically designed to create a freestanding ultra-clean mini-environment.  The clean bench are available in a variety of sizes and styles engineered to provide excellent solutions for many air filtration applications.  The Series 412 clean bench may vary from vertical flow benches with open interiors to exhausting clean benches with wet process, to recirculating temperature control Class 1 systems.

A clean bench can be used in conjunction with cleanrooms to create clean zones.  They can also be used in lieu of or supplemental to a cleanroom.  A larger cleanroom may utilize a clean bench as a "critical clean" area.  It can be more cost effective to build a lower class cleanroom and supplement it with clean benches, than it is to create a higher class cleanroom.

The vertical flow clean bench consists of three basic components
• Upper cabinet module houses the prefilters, HEPA or ULPA filter, blower motors and lights
• Lower support frame which is removable for easy shipment and moving
• Lower work surface module - flat table or work surface with sinks, tanks and other options

The standard HEPA filter is 99.99% efficient on particles 0.3 micron and larger.  This filter has an aluminum frame, white painted metal face guard and mini pleated filter media.  Filters are removable through the front access panels.  Optional ULPA filters 99.999% on particles 0.12 micron are available.

The blower-motor assembly is sized to provide proper air flow with a minimum 50% increase in HEPA filter pressure drop.  This ensures years of bench operation without needing to change the HEPA filter.

The clean bench is designed for quiet operation.  The typical sound level is approximately 65 dbA.  Larger size units and those with multiple blowers may have a slightly higher sound level.  The sound levels are measured with ambient of 55 dbA.  The clean bench sound level may vary depending on size of unit and surrounding room size and acoustics.

  • • Standard white enamel finish provides excellent corrosion resistance
  • • HEPA filter is 99.99% efficient
  • • Open frame design
  • • All metal welded filter module
  • • Structural shell components are a minimum of 16 gage cold rolled steel
  • • Support frame is heavy-duty 2x4 steel tubing
  • • Horizontal cross bracing is 2"x2" steel tubing
  • • Cool white fluorescent lamps
  • • Meets or exceeds requirements of the NEC electrical codes; All standard components are UL listed
  • • Air flow velocity is factory set 
  • • Standard sized disposable fiberglass prefilter
  • • Three piece access panels are easily removable and allow service to the top cabinet from the front, top or rear of the unit.

  • • Stainless Steel constuction
  • • ULPA filtered
  • • Ion bars
  • • Non-Outgassing

CAP-412-6T30-30H-Mode'OB'-G143 Vertical Laminar Flow Bench with Open Interior - 6Ft  74 1/2"W x 94"Hx 34"D, ISO 5, Class 100, Junction Box, 120V, 12.5 FLA
No power cord provided - optional accessory

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Order online, call customer service at 303-752-0076 or email

Shipping Instructions: The laminar flow clean bench price does not include freight.  The clean bench ships on a padded van freight carrier, and the cost of shipping will be added to your order. Customer service will call or email you after you place your order, to give you the option of shipping the clean bench collect on your account. Please let customer service know if your facility will require a liftgate, or if you have a dock-high receiving area. Also, please include a contact name and phone number for someone at the delivery point.

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