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Nilfisk GD10 Back Pack Vacuum - Lab Vacuum - Upstream HEPA - NI-9060709010

Lab vacuum by Nilfisk is a back vacuum designed with comfort and ease-of-use in mind.   For its small size, the GD10 back pack vacuum is incredibly powerful and equipped with a variety of features for fast, effective cleaning in a multitude of industries.

•  Lightweight, ergonomic design to reduce fatigue (ergonomic study available)
•  Low noise level for operator comfort and cleaning in noise sensitive areas
•  Upstream HEPA filter allows for safe collection of hazardous materials, trapping 99.9% of particles, down to and including 0.3 microns
•  Standard equipped with a sack style main filter that will prolong the life of both the HEPA filter and motor.
•  Exhaust air is directed upward so that it does not interfere with the operator.

•  HEPA Filter, Upstream:  99.99% @ 0.3 micron, DOP tested
•  Sack Filter:  98.2% efficient per DIN 44956-2
•  Exhaust Filter (3/pack):  no rating
•  Dust Bag (5/pack):  no rating
•  Motor Pre-Filter (3/pack): no rating

• Voltage @ 60 Hz 120V
• Type of power: Single Phase
• Power Max: 1300 Watts
• Current draw: 9.5 amps
• Waterlift, max:  99 inches H2O
• Airflow, max:  144 cfm
• Noise level @ 3'3"  62 dBa
• Dust bag capacity: 1.8 gallons
• Tank capacity: 2.6 gallons
• Machine inlet: 1.5 inches/38mm
• Dimensions:  9.4"W x 23"H
• Weight, cleaner only: 10.8 lbs
• Cord length: 50 feet
• Filter efficiency HEPA  99.99% @ 0.3 microns

NI-1471104500  HEPA Filter, Upstream (before motor)
NI-1471099500  Sack Filter
NI-1471089500  Exhaust Filter (1) filter only
NI-1471097500  Dust Bag (5/package)
NI-1471236500  38mm Hose with 32mm Curved Plastic Wand  45 inches in length
NI-0118130500  32mm Telescopic Aluminum Wand  24-36 inches in length
NI-1408492520  32mm Combination Floor Nozzle  12 inches in width
NI-1408244500  32mm Dust Brush Nozzle
NI-81140900      32mm Crevice Nozzle  6 inches in length
NI-1471243500  50 ft Yellow Extention Cord

NOTE: This vacuum is not recommended for a cleanroom environment because the HEPA filter is before the motor.  All of the particles generated from the motor will pass into the cleanroom.  This could potenital be as high as 10,000 particles.

Product Code: NI-9060709010  Lab Vacuum - Nilfisk GD10 Back Vacuum - Upstream HEPA

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To order Nilfisk lab vacuum, you can click above, email, or call customer service at (303)752-0076.


The Nilfisk lab vacuum can ship via UPS or FedEx. Shipping weight is 24 lbs. Accessories add additional weight and boxes to the order. The order ships collect or prepay and add to the invoice. If shipping collect, add your freight account number in the “Comments Box” when checking out. Customer is responsible for the freight charge


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