Cleanroom Ionizing Blow Off Guns, 8 Ft Hose, RoHS, Simco-Ion, SM-91-6115-NXFMR

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Cleanroom Ionizing Blow Off Guns - 8 Ft Hose - RoHS - Simco-Ion - SM-91-6115-NXFMR

ISO Class 4 Lightweight Fast Discharge Auto Balance Ionizing Blow-off Gun AirForce Model 6115 was designed with the operator in mind. The AirForce’s lightweight, flexible air hose—just 3/8" in diameter—moves with the operator and makes work easier. No high voltage cable means improved operator safety. The gun’s ergonomic design—with a light touch trigger and easy-view LED—minimizes fatigue and eliminates wrist hyperextension. The compact console can be mounted anywhere, so it doesn’t take up valuable workspace but is still easily accessible. To make the work environment more pleasant, the AirForce also features low audible noise.  Transformer sold separately.


• Ergonomic Gun Design
• Flexible, Lightweight Air Hose With Integral Low Voltage Power Cable
• Replaceable Emitter Point Assembly And Quick-Eject Filter
• Strong Blow-Off Force
• Steady-State DC Ion Emission
• IsoStat® Technology
• Durable Static-Dissipative Materials
• ISO 14644-1 Class 4 Cleanliness Operation


• Reduces fatigue and wrist hperextension
• Moves with operator and does not interfere with work
• Minimizes maintenance downtime
• Effective removal of particle contamination
• Fast discharge times; efficient ion delivery
• Intrinsically balanced; no calibration needed
• Holds up to high impact; EDS safe
• Suitable for use in cleanroom applications for semiconductor, medical and HDD applications

Product Code: SM-91-6115-NXFMR  Simco-Ion Cleanroom Ionizing Blow Off Guns, 8 Ft Hose, RoHS, Transformer Sold Separately

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