ESD Work Bench Quick Ship, IAC, Utility Shelf 12"W x 72"L, Sky Blue, Metal w/ESD Laminate Top, IAC-QS-1023223-D

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ESD Work Bench Quick Ship - IAC - Utility Shelf 12"W x 72"L - Sky Blue - Metal w/ESD Laminate Top - IAC-QS-1023223-D

The MTS-II Utility Shelf provides off the worksurface storage at a depth of 12".  Standard shelves are metal.  ESD shelves are metal with ESD laminate, snap and coiled ground cord.  The shelf angle is adjustable from 0-15° and is formed from 16 gauge steel.  The shelf lip acts as a parts cup rail, and the 12 gauge brackets angle and slide in, providing secure positioning.  Due to bracket constraints, shelves cannot be mounted end to end to form one continuous shelf the entire bench length.

• 12" Shelf Depth
 The utility shelf provides off the worksurface storage
• ESD shelves come with snap and coiled ground cord
• Shelf angle is adjustable from 0°-15° and is formed from 16 gauge steel; shelf lip acts as a parts rail
• Color: EZE Blue or Sky Blue
• ESD Laminate Color: White

ESD Work Bench Utility Shelf, 12"Wide, Metal w/ESD Laminate Top
IAC-QS-1023221-BL     48"L x 12"H     Shelf Length: 43.5"   EZE Blue
IAC-QS-1023222-BL     60"L x 12"H                           55.75"
IAC-QS-1023223-BL     72"L x 12"H                           67.75"

IAC-QS-1023221-D      48"L x 12"H      Shelf Length: 43.5"   Sky Blue
IAC-QS-1023222-D      60"L x 12"H                            55.75"
IAC-QS-1023223-D      72"L x 12"H                            67.75"

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