Esd Table Mat - PVC, Single Layer, 3/32"x 24"x 50', Blue, PA-933224050NUB

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ESD Table Mat - PVC - Single Layer - 3/32"x24"x 50ft - Blue  PA-933224050NUB

Small charges of static electricity can easily destroy microprocessors, microchips and other electronics.  People and products must be in a static controlled environment when manufacturing and servicing electronic components and equipment.  Every surface that comes into contact with a static sensitive component must be able to discharge static at a certain rate of speed.  Too fast, it may cause shocks to the operator or cause an explosion.  To slow, it may destroy the component.

The Compostat® material is a single thickness, homogeneous PVC material.  The mat provides a static dissipative work surface with resistance to ground ot 10 (8) ohms and volume resistivity of 10 (9).  The PVC material is durable, flexible and won't curl.  This economical mat is available in two thickness and four widths.  The mat should be grounded for maximum effectiveness.   Available in rolls.

Colors: Blue (NU) and Gray (NG) 
Tickness:  3/32" (093) or 1/16"

PA-933224050NUB    Compostat ESD Table Mat,  PVC,  Single Thickness,  Blue  3/32" x 24" x 50'

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