Esd Table - ESD Formica Top, Stainless Steel Frame, Cleanroom, Heavy Duty, Laminate Backer CAP-61ESD-241830H

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ESD Table - ESD Formica Top - Stainless Steel Frame - Cleanroom - Heavy Duty - Laminate Backer

The ESD formica table is designed for use in cleanrooms of Class 100,000 to Class 10 with concerns for static.  The tables are a heavy-duty design and quality construction which provides many years of reliable service.  The interior 1 1/8" wood core is covered on all surfaces with a high-pressure conductive plastic laminate, creating a table that resists corrosion and is free from particulate generation.  The Series 61ESD clean room tables work surface is mounted on a stainless steel support frame with square tubular steel support legs and an adjustable leg-leveling glide.  The unit is shipped knocked-down and easily reassembles.  The standard table top is a light gray laminate.  Special colors are quoted.

  • Length:  36", 48", 72", 84", 96", 108" and 120"
  • Width:  24", 30", 36", and 42"
  • Height:  30", 34", and 36"
Pictured with optional drawers - Drawers not included in the price shown

CAP-61ESD-241830H  ESD Table -  Static Dissipative Formica - Cleanroom -  Heavy Duty   Stainless Frame  24"x18"x30"H 
CAP-61ESD-242430H   24"x24"x30"H
CAP-61ESD-243030H   24"x30"x30"H
CAP-61ESD-243630H   24"x36"x30"H
CAP-61ESD-244830H   24"x48"x30"H
CAP-61ESD-246030H   24"x60"x30"H
CAP-61ESD-247230H   24"x72"x30"H
CAP-61ESD-248430H   24"x84"x30"H
CAP-61ESD-249630H   24"x96"x30"H
CAP-61ESD-2410830H 24"x108"x30"H
CAP-61ESD-2412030H 24"x120"x30"H

CAP-61ESD-301830H   30"x18"x30"H
CAP-61ESD-303630H   30"x36"x30"H
CAP-61ESD-304830H   30"x48"x30"H
CAP-61ESD-306030H   30"x60"x30"H
CAP-61ESD-307230H   30"x72"x30"H
CAP-61ESD-308430H   30"x84"x30"H
CAP-61ESD-309630H   30"x96"x30"H
CAP-61ESD-3010830H 30"x108"x30"H
CAP-61ESD-3012030H 30"x120"x30"H

CAP-61ESD-364830H   36"x48"x30"H
CAP-61ESD-366030H   36"x60"x30"H
CAP-61ESD-367230H   36"x72"x30"H
CAP-61ESD-368430H   36"x84"x30"H
CAP-61ESD-369630H   36"x96"x30"H
CAP-61ESD-3610830H 36"x108"x30"H
CAP-61ESD-3612030H 36"x120"x30"H
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