Esd Cart Covers - Clear ESD Grid Print, Vinyl, 8ea 1"x2" Velcro Tabs, Multiple Sizes, 74"H

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ESD Cart Covers - Clear ESD Grid Print- Vinyl - 8ea 1"x2" Velcro Tabs -Multiple Sizes - 74"H
Material Colors: Light Blue 

Also available with zippers or Velcro®, imprinting, pockets and reinforced corners

Pictured with zippers and not velcro tabs

Call for custom sizes
Cart covers are made per order and not in stock

ESD Cart Covers - Clear ESD Grid Print - 8ea 1"x2" Velcro Tabs - 10"x12" Clear Static Dissipative Pocket - Reinforced Corners - 1ea 10mm Male Snap
AR-40512-311974-V   31"x19"x74"H    Fits 30"x18"x74"H
AR-40512-371974-V   37"x19"x74"H           36"x18"x74"H
AR-40512-491974-V   49"X19"x74"H           48"x18"x74"H
AR-40512-611974-V   61"x19"x74"H           60"x18"x74"H
AR-40512-731974-V   73"x19"x74"H           72"x18"x74"H

AR-40512-312574-V   31"x25"x74"H           30"x24"x74"H
AR-40512-372574-V   37"x25"x74"H           36"x24"x74"H
AR-40512-492574-V   49"x25"x74"H           48"x24"x74"H
AR-40512-492574-V   61"x25"x74"H           60"x24"x74"H
AR-40512-732574-V   73"x25"x74"H           72"x24"x74"H

AR-40512-313174-V   31"x31"x74"H           30"x30"x74"H
AR-40512-373174-V   37"x31"x74"H           36"x30"X74"H
AR-40512-493174-V   49"x31"x74"H           48"x30"x74"H
AR-40512-613174-V   61"x31"x74"H           61"x30"x74"H
AR-40512-733174-V   73"x31"x74"H           72"x30"x74"H

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