Esd Cart Cover - For Wire Racks, Multiple Sizes, EA-CZ-63-2436-ESD

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ESD Cart Cover - For Wire Racks - Multiple Sizes - EA-CZ-63-2436-ESD

The ESD cart covers control electrostatic discharge while protecting contents from moisture and contamination.  All ESD cart covers have a flap on one side.  The "ETC" model cart covers have both side and end flaps for side or end load.  The covers come with a brass zipper and a paperwork pouch. 

• Waterproof
• Tear resistant
• Antibacterial
• Flame retardant
• Fit a 63" high post

ESD Cart Covers, For Wire Racks, Multiple Sizes - EA-CZ-63-2436-ESD

EA-CZ-63-1836-ESD    18"x36"
EA-CZ-63-1848-ESD    18"x48"
EA-CZ-63-2424-ESD    24"x24"
EA-CZ-63-2436-ESD    24"x36"
EA-CZ-63-2448-ESD    24"x48"
EA-CZ-63-2460-ESD    24"x60"

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