Entrance Mat Scrapper - Black 5 Sizes

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Entrance Mat  Scrapper  Black  5 Sizes
The Heavy Duty Multi-Guard Scrapper Mat has thousands of scraping fingers to effectively remove pounds of dirt from sight and hold it between cleanings.  The Scrapper Mat is the first step to keeping your entrances clean during the worst weather conditions
AVAILABLE SIZES:   24"x32", 28"x46", 32"x39", 36"x60" and 36"x72"

Scapper Entrance Mat 
WW-4373500  24"x 32"   Black  
WW-4373600  28"x 46"   Black
WW-4370200  32"x 39"   Black
WW-4370300  36"x 60"   Black
WW-4373700  36"x 72"   Black






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