Disposable Lab Garments - Kappler Provent 7000, Wrap Around Gown, Elastic Wrists, Liquid Resistant, 50/cs, Size:Medium KA-LS112-M

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Disposable Lab Garments - Kappler Provent 7000 - Wrap Around Gown - Elastic Wrist - Liquid Resistant - 50/cs - Size: Medium  KA-LS112-M

Provent 7000 is a lightweight composite utilizing microporous film techology that provides excellent protection against hazardous particles and light liquid splash. A notable feature is its soft, draping characteristics. Provent 7000 also passes ASTM 1670 for blood penetration resistance.  

The best protective garments in the world are useless without strong, tight seams.  Just one loose thread or gap, and the barrier or protection can unravel and leave you vulnerable to injury- or worse.  Kappler offers four different seam types for its protective garments.  Depending on the fabric and final application, users may specify:
•  Serged seams for general protection
•  Bound seams in the mid-range
•  Heat Sealed/Taped seams for high-end chemicall protection
•  Ultrasonic seams for biohazard or nuclear applications

Kappler Provent 7000 - Wrap Around Gown, Two Neck Ties and Two Waist Ties, Elastic Wrists,  Non-Sterile, Serged Seams, White  50/cs    Size S-3X
KA-LS112-S         Small
KA-LS112-M        Medium
KA-LS112-L         Large
KA-LS112-XL       XL
KA-LS112-2XL     2XL
KA-LS112-3XL     3XL
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