Disposable Lab Coats, Microporous Material, Snap Close, Elastic Wrists, 3 Pockets, 25/case, Large, AP-LC-J2621-3

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Disposable Lab Coats - Microporous Material - Snap Close - Elastic Wrists - 3 Pockets - Large  AP-LC-J2641-3
Critical Cover® ComforTech® Lab Coats provide a 99.9% filtration efficiency rate. The strong, light weight and breathable microporous material give the personnel excellent protection from fluids, light chemical splash, particles and biologivals without compromising their comfort.  The unique fabric exhibits a low particle count.  For cool, comfortable, all day wear, this material readily dissipates heat while effectively meeting all your controlled environment needs. 

The length is appropriately adjusted to size, which provides additional coverage for the wearer.  The microporous lab coats are treated with an anti-static application for those environments where electro static dissipative (ESD) protection is required.

•  99.9% Filtration Efficiency Rate
•  Protection from Fluids & Light Chemical Splash
•  Low Particle Count
•  3 Pockets
•  Elastic Wrists
•  Snap Close
•  Serged Seams

AP-LC-J2641-2 Medium   
AP-LC-J2641-3 Large
AP-LC-J2641-4 XL
AP-LC-J2641-5 2XL
AP-LC-J2641-6 3XL
AP-LC-J2641-9 4XL

Product Code: AP-LC-J2641-3  Lab Coats, Microporous Material, Snap Close, Elastic Wrists, 3 Pockets, Tapered Collar, Serged Seams, White, 25/case,  Bulk Packed, Size Large

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