Disposable Lab Coats, SMS Material, Snap Close, 3 Pockets, Elastic Wrist, 30/case, 2XL, AP-LC-32622-5

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Disposable Lab Coats - SMS Material - Snap Close - 3 Pockets - Elastic Wrists - 2XL - AP-LC-32622-5 

Critical Cover® AlphaGuard® material offers one of the highest levels of breathability and comfort thanks to the innovative material R&D efforts. The disposable soft, comfortable, fluid repellent Critical Cover® AlphaGuard® lab coats are ultra clean and exhibit excellent durability. A very high 84% bacterial filtration efficiency does an excellent job containing employee particulate and bioburden, and stops particles from contaminating your cleanroom environment. Superior vapor transmission performance wicks perspiration through the fabric to keep workers cool and comfortable.

The five snap closure is designed to provide full coverage without gaps. Length is appropriately adjusted to size to ensure full coverage.  Stylish tapered collar is non-binding. An elastic wrist option allows easy donning of gloves and protective sleeves. Available in blue and white colors for easier inventory management and to help prevent cross contamination.

•  Fluid Repellent
•  Five Snap Closure
•  Tapered Collar
•  Knit Wrist
•  White
•  Serged Seams
•  Inset Sleeves
•  Three Pockets

AP-LC-32622-2         Medium
AP-LC-32622-3         Large
AP-LC-32622-4         Extra Large
AP-LC-32622-5         2XL
AP-LC-32622-6         3XL
AP-LC-32622-9         4XL
Product Code: AP-LC-32622-5  Disposable Lab Coats, SMS Material, Tapered Collar, Knit Wrist, Three Pockets, Snap Close, Serged Seams, 30/case, Size 2XL, White
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