Disposable Cleanroom Coveralls, SMS Material, White, Elastic Wrists/Ankles/Back, 25/case, 2XL, AP-CV-74032-5

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Disposable Cleanroom Coveralls - SMS Material - Elastic Wrists/Ankles/Back - 2XL - AP-CV-74032-5

Disposable cleanroom coveralls SMS material has three layers (spun bond/melt blown/spun bond) which offers a unique mix of benefits. The material has excellent breathability yet high filtration efficiency puts the wearer in a cool, comfortable "suited" environment without compromising your cleanroom environment. A disposable coverall with low particle count adds another measure of environmental protection. For total comfort, the fabric is among the softest in its product class.

The disposable cleanroom coverall is fluid repellent but not recommended for use with chemicals.  An elastic back helps eliminate loose material that can snag on equipment and stops the billowing that releases particles into the environment. The stitches per inch of the serged seams strike an optimum balance of stitch strength and material strength after sewing.

•  Available in two different styles
•  Serged seams
•  Elastic Wrists, Ankles & Back
•  Insert Sleeve
•  No Pockets
•  Zipper Front
•  Breathable
AP-CV-74032-2    Medium
AP-CV-74032-3    Large
AP-CV-74032-4    XL
AP-CV-74032-5    2XL
AP-CV-74032-6    3XL
AP-CV-74032-7    4XL

Product Code: AP-CV-74032-5  Disposable Cleanroom Coverall, SMS Material, Zipper Front, Elastic Wrist & Ankles, Elastic Back, Serged Seams, Bulk Packaged, 2XL, 25/case
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