Disposable Cleanroom Coveralls, Comfortech, Microporous Material, Attached Hood, Boots, Elastic Wrist, 25/case, Medium, AP-CV-J4C92-2

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Disposable Cleanroom Coveralls - Microporous Material - Attached Hood, Boots, Elastic Wrists - Medium - AP-CV-J4C92-2

Disposable cleanroom coveralls provide superior protection without sacrificing comfort. They are constructed of an innovative, lightweight and durable material that delivers excellent protection against particles, biologicals and many fluids.  The cleanroom coverall microporous material exhibits a low particle count and has a 99.9% filtration efficiency to help protect your cleanroom environment from contamination.  A disposable material which has an anti static coating.

• Available in three different styles
• Attached non skid boots for added slip and fall protection
• Attached hood
• Elastic wrist and ankles
• Zipper closure
• Serged Seam

NOTE: ComforTech material DOES NOT meet ASTM F1670 blood penetration and ASTM F1671 viral penetration tests.
Not an acceptablee product for Ebola virus protection.  See product code KA-MNE36.

AP-CV-J4C92-2  Med      
AP-CV-J4C92-3  Large   
AP-CV-J4C92-4  XL
AP-CV-J4C92-5  2XL
AP-CV-J4C92-6  3XL
AP-CV-J4C92-7  4XL

Product Code: AP-CV-J4C92-2  Disposable Cleanroom Coveralls, Microporous Material, Zipper Front, Attached Hood, Elastic Wrists & Ankles, Attached Boots, Serged Seams, Bulk Packaged, Medium, 25/case
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